USBC: talk about your tobacco overtones

April 9, 2006 – 6:36 am

regardless of what you think about the large amounts of hot air frequently wafting from the portafilter podcasts, you need to know this about co-host jay caragay’s specialty drink in the barista competition. espresso. vanilla. aged cigars. served in flaming red ashtrays, no less.

let’s try to guess what the judges thought about this idea, shall we? note the nonverbal signals:

we should inform the cypriot of this development, given his proclivity for mixing the juice and the leaf. fortunately, this blog took video of the whole thing (the tripod, alas, was left in the car). when it’s done compressing and uploading, you’ll be able to see it here.

p.s. it’s been edited not so much because i wanted to chop any portion of the performance, which is funny all the way through, but because the camera was running dangerously low on battery juice and thus had to be paused during slower moments.