USBC: hack bits

April 10, 2006 – 1:48 am

UPDATE: the deferio video is now up.

if professional, non-arhythmic video is what you are looking for, you won’t get it from this blog. on the other hand, we’re not sure where else you’ll find someone without a bandwidth bill willing to upload this stuff via dial-up at 1:48 a.m.

from sunday’s semifinal round of the usbc, there’s latte artist chris deferio’s litany of metaphors involving coffee and the deepest yearnings of the human soul. actual quotes:

“(this table) is symbolic of nature, where coffee comes from.”
“(the guitar music) is another symbolic feature of my presentation celebrating what we do with what nature gives us.”
“i encourage you to explore the depth of this coffee as you would explore the depth of a friend that you are visiting.”
“it causes your palate to expand, as if someone is lifting your tongue up inside your mouth.”
“with the simplest of ingredients — wood and steel — (the guitarist) can create a moment in music that transcends what we know in the physical and gives us a moment — a moment that will never be experienced again as long as you live.”
“as this drink is put before you, purpose to drink this drink with all you are, with all you have become to this moment in time.”
“this drink lacks pretension (and is) full of integrity … it’s what’s on the inside that counts.”
“we are all like an espresso shot, in that we’re all preinfusing backstage … i feel pretty extracted.”

to which this blog has absolutely nothing to add — except to note that the sigs included star anise, smoked with cherry wood and earl grey tea to remove harshness. when it’s finished uploading, deferio video will be here.

there was also the dreadlocked southeastern champ lem butler’s gig, which included a revamped-but-still-brewed-over-cinnamon-sticks signature drink that has evolved nicely since the last time we blogged about him. video here. (UPDATE: it’s gonna be awhile …)