SCAA/USBC: what we risk for palatial fixations

April 10, 2006 – 1:12 am

driving home in the bioluminescent cypriot’s jag, an actual yawn was experienced and noted. when you’ve ingested 10 or 11 shots on the day, it’s an encouraging sign not unlike the relief one feels when ducking into the men’s room to discover that the kidney stones, they haven’t started clunking yet! other bulleted talking points from scaa sunday:

* best shots of the day (in order): counter culture’s forte, dosed lighter from yesterday’s installment and served as a macchiato; zoka’s paladino, served straight; batdorf’s dancing goats, served straight from the bga booth; mr. toad’s small artisan roast; and hines’ espresso blend. (lest you think this blog is utterly nuts for that ranking, do read on.)

* near-misses with quasi-celebrity barista persons seems to be this blog’s continual bane. disheartening near-miss no. 1: a certain 2004 usbc champ who shall remain nameless vigorously defended the above-mentioned hines blend despite this blog’s claims of harsh yeasty/barley notes that did not at all jive with what it had heard about the coffee. said former champion posited that said coffee had been pulled a full two degrees cold (or 198), and that if this blog would kindly show up at the gs3 booth in about 25 minutes, said former champ would gladly pull an expert version of the same blend. “ah-HAH,” thought this blog. “all i did was pay 60 meager bucks and i’m about to get a shot at the hand of a former champ on the smoothest machine going today with said champ’s house blend!” you would be correct in surmising that this blog promptly showed up at the arranged booth and commenced taunting the former, less practiced barista that miss bronwen serna former champ was going to teach this chump how to pull some hines at 200 degrees fahrenheit! you would, however, be incorrect in guessing that miss champ person actually showed up, even though this blog continued to check every 15 minutes or so. which meant that this blog had to slink away shamefacedly from the less practiced barista person he had so ill-advisedly taunted.

disheartening near-miss no. 2: a champeen barista trainer, certified usbc judge, 2005 usbc champ and all-around classy person who shall remain nameless appeared to be standing next the the grinder in the zoka booth with her hand on the portafilter handle — or so it appeared to this blog. thinking the jackpot had been struck, this blog casually requested a double macc, after which said 2005 champ stunningly moved away from the bar and — out of nowhere — popped this totally unknown dude who proceeded to fill the order. this blog feels strongly that there should be some kind of rule against this sort of disingenuous method of attracting convention-goers to a particular booth with the suggestive posturing of quasi-celebrity barista persons.

to say that this blog wept bitter, rock-salt tears would be an understatement.

* west-coaster billy wilson’s sig: kumquat, cocoa and sugar — foamed with hairbender in a nitro canister (i think) — and served with a slice of kumquat. easily the most professionally plausible culinary concoction i saw all day.