SCAA/USBC: amateurs pushing the envelope

April 13, 2006 – 10:52 am

andy schecter, his grinder, his pressure sculpting device (white box), and the synesso to which it was hooked.

to be frank, i was somewhat taken aback at the lack of theorizing over home-junkie andy’s pressure-sculpting device. then again, he’s had it running for a mere two weeks or so. i’ve posted enough blather on the topic already (scroll down, if you’re bored enough). essentially, it seems there could come a day when your standard espresso shots would be tricked out not only on a specific brew temp, but over a logically programmed pump pressure from beginning to end.

here’s a bit o’ video of the working contraption. andy was pulling shots of an extraordinarily dark espresso (french roasted) that nonetheless bore no ash on the palate. a very delicate but lingering body, a lot happening on the back end. what does that mean? i dunno. no one seemed to have any idea of what they were shooting for with this device, or what the blend would have tasted like without it. still … i’m staying tuned. a nice closeup of the geekery here.

the question now: how to engineer it into a machine the size of a gs3??