SCAA/USBC: subtle advancements

April 14, 2006 – 4:11 pm

thursday: best shot all day was scraped from the cypriot’s counter. it was just one of those days, where all your limbs feel like warm putty, and if you roll your eyes more than a half-turn to the left you can discern by the intensity of the ache just how long it’s been since your last espresso. (this even before one of the good guys teed up a left jab. “verbose.” imagine! on my own web site!) all this being, of course, why we regurgitate scaa convention bits long after the use-by date. relive the mystery! the intrigue! call it denial week.

herewith the bash-related anecdotal signs of advancing triple-wavery in my own back yard:

* doing lunch in the studio, where typically there’s little to swill but mud-brick zim or like poo, when i noticed the cypriot’s cups were all neatly lined up on the warmer — definitely different. too, the gaping rubbermaid puck receptacle formerly situated across the room had been replaced with an actual knockbox. turns out sarkis had picked up some mystery blend from some mystery scaa booth woman during a brief lapse in my oversight, and was able to pull shots with the kind of monster mouthfeel he had discovered — for the first time — on the convention floor. funny how improvements to the brew make cleanliness more of a virtue. this blog was deeply moved.

* the blogwife, always indulgent of our fixation and willing to swill plenty herself, is now more overtly gung-ho. as in, she worked the bar for last night’s party while i toiled on a late deadline. as in, she upstaged all of us at the mr. toad’s booth, where we stammered around pulling “earthy” and “tart” from their blend while she zoomed right in on “mushroom” and “grapefruit.” (turns out she’s wired to her tongue — great news for any husband! i’m an aroma guy.) as in, she wants to do more cuppings, and often. (“how about every morning,” i asked. “right before breakfast?”) this blog could not be happier.

* people around the globe seem to be hooking up with the competition vids, apparently conceptualizing and no doubt gearing up for world competition in the wake of others’ routines. that this had never been done before never really occured to me. this blog is always willing to serve.