USBC: your blazing signature rip-off, right here

April 16, 2006 – 12:06 am

wonder how the conventioneers would have handled this — a cruel 92 carolina degrees with no sign of the proverbial april showers. all swelter, no rain. like an idling e61 sans flush. plenty of brew temp without the brew. like schecter’s french-roast blend at 5.5 bar. (do we need any more overreaching metaphors here? no? alrighty then.)

i blame billy for the fit of amateurish sig-mongering that took place somewhere between the day’s no-coffee headache and the wish for something cold. was working with the new ethiopian harar blueberry bomb at especially cool brew temps (197-ish) to overload the fruit notes for something summery. “if billy can trick out the hairbender,” thought i, “i’ll just load up the major notes on this harar.” (or rather, “accentuate the overt initial fruit notes while drawing out the subtle spice aftertastes,” as i’d say if i were under a 15-minute clock.) threw it in a shaker with some extract of blueberry procured eons ago at a regional competition venue. two leaves of purple sage. ice. shook and drank from a favorite honey jar.

talk about your low-concept rip-off of high-concept artistry. and it took, what, months for billy to do this? it’s like an espresso on steroids! harar on the clear! where’s my controversy?

p.s. i’d link to more of the brewing debate over billy’s egg-white sigs, but the venue is “underground.” sort of your third wave anti-echo chamber. which makes this blog sort of a quasi-echo of non-echo-chamberiness. humph.