this is how this blog advances itself

April 17, 2006 – 9:46 am

returning to this blog’s primary pursuit of needling the cypriot, let us take this opportunity to inquire: whose auspicious profile, exactly, were you attempting to portray?

this blog has its suspicions, but hates to name any names for fear of embarrassing the individual. let’s just say it’s a quasi-recognizeable espresso/roasting personality referred to as a something of a hard-charging, reality-challenged purist in a recent podcast. (i know, i know: “how many hours of third-wave self-aggrandizement would i have to wade through to decode that obscure reference?” anyway, being a hard-charging snob itself, this blog did not agree with the characterization.)

never mind. the latte art, sarkis, is improving — if by “improving” one means “the milk foam portends spooky intimations of a person’s head, its cerebellum diseased of tapeworm.” might we recommend bronwen’s swirl-and-thump technique for bubble-free latte art? (scroll down to the cappuccino photos.)