belated expressions of astonishment

April 19, 2006 – 10:20 pm

for conspicuous barista mag droolers this will be old news. but as this blog was doing a bit of janitorial reading to sweep up overlooked tidbits from the latest issue, it couldn’t help but gape a bit at blogger jimseven’s staggering championship score of 822.5 — out of 900 — in the u.k. barista competition. (vital numeric context: u.s. competitors generally shot for the 600s to reach the semifinals, the finalists were in the 700s, according to rumor.)

please excuse us, but this blog has questions: how is this possible for a tea country? is the judging that neophyte or is hoffmann that good? does a filthy 200-point margin over the next closest competitor mean his sigs somehow incorporated poppy seeds? crystal meth? star anise? does the british proclivity for blandness mean a stronger presence of robusta in general? could this blog possibly be any later to this topic? no? well, then, could you please name one coffee resource that has already broached the subject?

just strikes this blog as rather extraordinary, that’s all. and since mr. seven is a regular reader, we will await his answers. don’t be modest, jim! tell us the wbc over-under!

UPDATE: humm-dee-dum. of course, with this blog’s luck, hoffmann is off galivanting about el salvador or something. oh, wait!

UPDATE: i’m told matt riddle’s winning score was a hoffmann-esque 826.5 — which was, of course, the highest ever for the usbc. guess that could be why jimseven feels awfully compelled to conduct further research in el salvador…