SCAA: your one-stop retching here

April 19, 2006 – 10:56 pm

the further the scaa bash recedes, the grumpier this blog gets … at least that’s my excuse! mostly because fond memories have a vexing way of being drowned out by pestilential chest-thumpers and profit mongers.

curmudgeonly cause the first: what could be worse than the deafening levels of taunting and self-promoting that seemed to so quickly crescendo in the wake of good times? i’ve just deleted a long rant here, so let’s keep it simple. many people who went (including me) had some sort of gripe. but vociferously likening one’s vacuous hours of blather (to be sure: this blog’s got nothing aganst blather!) to a lionistic pursuit of truth — pledging to get to the bottom of things before one has yet reached the bottom of one’s own ego — is just, well, all too self explanatory. it’s like trundling through the MOMA in an ice cream truck, blaring carly simon through the loudspeaker — the tinny, uni-directional kind.

*sigh* do you care? of course not. you can listen for yourself. my recommendation: consume, but only rarely. enough to see if the product’s improved, to glean a precious few inside jokes and to remind yourself that you don’t need it.

curmudgeonly cause the second: this discussion, from which i abstained for as long as i could manage. mostly because i have children that i almost took to the convention. also because entering a conversation about other people’s kids is like trying to roast a marshmallow over hot molten streams of lava. best not. in any case, there’s nothing quite like power-tripping square-jaws to remind you of the human condition. nothing to frame the real issue like vastly overreaching naysayers who squint their eyes and get goosebumps at the mere mention of a tyke in the holy temple of commerce. you know, where Real Men are doing Business. “best not get between a man and his money, son. he might start using authoritative adult acronyms like SOP and stuff you into a small-batch roaster.”

i understand the need to do business — safely, even prosperously. it could be that if you had a somewhat more socratian debate you’d end up applying the same rules after all. but from whence do we approach? ’nuff said.

this ends this blog’s rare spate of carping retromingence. brighter things tomorrow!