SCAA/USBC: breaking-ish old news here

April 22, 2006 – 1:35 pm

if this blog can’t spin a wee bit of intrigue out of the just-posted usbc competitor rankings, then it shan’t ever more speak the name of “spuma“.

* obvious mystery-heightening story line: if not for the judging error re: ryan dennhardt, then eventual champ matt riddle apparently wouldn’t have made it into the final round. think that might give serial competitor and runner-up billy wilson — who, when the top two spots were announced, had his face buried in his hands — a bit o’ retrospective acid reflux? (blatant flame-avoiding caveat: i’m not saying matt didn’t deserve to win — he did get the highest final score ever. but where seemingly every finalist recognized publicly that, “once you’ve made it this far the smallest tic can cost you,” or something to that effect, you would hate for the judges to have such a profound impact on the ultimate outcome.)

* intrigue layer addendum: someone said billy’s eggwhites make for risky sig-making in general, though it would appear that when he’s on, he’s on. highest score of the competition: billy’s first round jaw-dropper of 835.

* subtle powerhouse recognition: the other two top-flight intelly competitors — amber and ellie — placed in the top five in all three rounds. which, if ellie weren’t retiring, would seem to indicate a good place to put your money in future competitions.

* sundry bits: cigaragay went from sixth in the first round to 20th in the semis?! surely that wasn’t just the spilled milk, eh? and what happened to the murky coffee people? does this have anything to do with murky boss nick cho’s decision to compete himself next year?

* southeastern self pity: ok, forget murky. for all the local participation and regional-seasoned competition, no one in the southeast (maryland/d.c. doesn’t count) ranked any higher than 21st in either round. eight of the bottom 12 competitors from north carolina. now you know why this blog doesn’t go out much.

* kidding! somewhat impressive is the competitive finish of south carolina’s only barista — from a brand new shop with clear beginnings at ground zero! if not for today’s rain, this blog would be sampling more of the muddy waters wares this very afternoon.