oh yeah: actual cup improvements

April 25, 2006 – 11:25 am

thought about wading into this nonsense, numchucks afly. but no. perfectly adequate meaty rebuttals have been filed. it’s the new blog! no more superfluous echo-punditry here, no sirree. [my only succinct (!) take is here]. and so, we dragged ourselves back to the bar, where this blog is assiduously working to earn its third wave merit badge — platinum edition.)

temps in celcius

and you thought we had forgotten about the amateurishly dubbed ploof reduction. basic reprisal gist: a (slightly) longer roast profile (yellow line) is indeed indispensably useful is eliminating robusta/malabar taint in the otherwise seductively dark and moody puro scuro. more husky spice, less fruity beer.

the idea: stick with an uber-small (135 grams) batch , swill a good capp to aid in meticulous note-keeping , and wire your own thermoprobe — never trusting the built-in model. reduce the entire roast progression by five degrees, beginning to end. rest five days (the minimum for this blend, in this blog’s opinion). taste.

the blogwife, who as has been noted far eclipses this blog in matters of pure, intuitive taste differentiation, helped pull, slurp and spit the dueling batches five days later. herewith, the unified production of notes:

the shorter roast (red trendline):
* strawberry up front, followed by pineapple. bittersweet cocoa, then very slight caramel. tobacco. beef. then an annoyingly airy beer-head taste, and the oat-yeast unpleasantness at the back end.

the longer roast (yellow trendline):
* huskier raspberry up front. caramel and chocolate. sage and thyme. a much simpler and clearly delineated progression, in other words, and one i’m much more prone to soaking over.

why blog? the production of random taste notes on a coffee few find interesting and still fewer will ever experience is a worthless and overblown coffee-blog filler tactic — agreed. the regurgitation of basic roasting principles has the potential to bore the more seasoned and professionally noted readership — true. just call it public service journalism — the kind of thing nobody reads but everyone likes having the option of reading. besides, this being a blend produced in perpetuity (not seasonal), the notes have some shelf life. it’s a post for the google-monkeys!

besides, this blog was just dog-tired of bloviating about other people bloviating. remarkable, really, how small the changes in temperature must be to produce a taste leap. remarkable, also, how little extra time is required at the reduced temperature. end of remarkableness.