CI: turning over new leaves — again!

April 26, 2006 – 10:45 pm

in an attempt at transparent self-effacement, this blog prints the following self-effacing snippet — self-effacingly.

Bready. A bready taste manifests in coffees that have not been roasted long enough or at high enough temperature to bring out the flavor oils.”
— “Home Coffee Roasting,” updated edition

see also, “ploof reduction, simplified.” does this make the just-blogged roast-lengthening exercise one of overwrought discovery-mongering where there was already long-recognized guru evidence showing the same basic thing? did this blog just turn simple bread-mitigation into a three-color chart and a set of pretentious taste notes? does anyone do any preliminary research any more?

grave questions. but i say no! for one, the blend in question had already been roasted to a stout, mouthfeel-reducing vienna, making the detection and elimination of but a single unpleasant component an exercise in sophisticated guesswork. for another, certain east-coast shock-jock podcasters (motto: one airwave is not enough. three waves for us!) have recently claimed to expose the above author’s espresso methods as, er, “less than snobby enough,” if i recall the show correctly. shameless, gotcha, trade-floor journalism, that.

but, in a stunning about-face, this blog endorses this journalistic achievement and insists, in true third-wave fashion, that what i claim to have discovered only seems old — you just “don’t get it“!