CI‘s morals: always stand next to someone with bigger shortcomings

May 11, 2006 – 10:58 pm

the latest sign that the home espresso volume has burgeoned decidedly out of control:

the brew screen, it hath been profoundly compromised of calcified poo. which is of course highly embarrassing — a violation of purist clean-machinery triple-waveism and all that. (“you’ve been doing what for cup improvements? whining about whom?”) yes. i know. this blog is duly chastened, and offers only the meagerest of defenses: that the quarterly replacement schedule had sufficed before; that this blog operates in a soul-sapping peer-review vacuum; and that the removal of screen requires removal of gasket, and the removal of gasket is roughly analogous in difficulty to dislodging a mental patient’s fixadent with a spork.

dare the episode pass without an Inquiry into Broader Theory? why, no! in fact, it occcurs to this blog that it should begin to care about its sub-shower-screen hole patterns, of which there seem to be a surprising plethora. observe the most recent model, the logician’s grid:

and the previous of centrifugal sworl:

and the new, abstractionist concentrism:

‘twould seem the latter might afford fewer nooks in which sludge remainders might collect. it also vaguely resembles the chrome disks common to asphalt-scraping acuras in the projects. and speaking of the projects … this blog being the sort of conscientious advancer of machine upkeep who exhorts less-enlightend home junkies, it trundled directly to the bioluminescent cypriot’s place to order him to look — now — at his shower screen.

which he did:

if this blog were the sort to keep fungus-dwelling pond kelp as a hobby, it would have deposited them directly therein.