that yawning silence…

May 17, 2006 – 10:15 pm

…is the pre-wbc information vacuum, apparently. how else to explain the startling lack of chatter pre-worlds? could it be the sheer humbling effect of a recognized master casting a wee bit of harsh light on all the impenetrable, insider-friendly shortcomings of barista competitions? (on the point of spectator accessibility: agreed. nothing is harder than trying to explain to a half-hearted fellow junkie why i find what looks like a judge parley so doggone scintillating.) far be it from this blog, however, to neglect noting that mr. coffeegeek has gamely offered a fix.

my two favorite competitors, at least, both keep blogs. call it the increasing granularization of international barista news! this blog eagerly awaits a blow-by-blow from someone.