the danes do it again; north america close behind

May 21, 2006 – 12:09 pm

insta-bloviating on the wbc’s final scores:

* does it seem to you like there are intangibles associated with the danish competitors that so consistently put them over the top? it does to this blog, too. an earlier comment might have touched on why this is.

* not having seen scores from previous worlds, doesn’t a top-six span from 809 in first place to 658 in sixth seem kind of … large? i say this from a muddled tangle of recollections such as the very similar record-smashing national scores of both hoffmann and riddle, the minute deficit that kept ’05 u.s. champ phuong tran from making the wbc finals and the supposedly increasing parity among top competitors. (i.e. in the previous round, denmark’s klaus finishes just ahead of “imma” — whom this blog guesses got her moniker in iceland — then puts 151 points into the same competitor in the finals! seems a bit dramatic, really.)

* while we wait for hoffmann’s calmer, truer insight into his entirely laudable fifth placement, one could re-read CI‘s grotesquely buffoonish extrapolation by bean! or not…

* poor, poor sammy.

UPDATE: hoffmann writes calmer, truer insight faster than this blog can spout snark!