this blog … doth it protest too much?

June 5, 2006 – 10:44 pm

the bitter juicy dregs at the bottom of my lemony cuppa yirg, clover-brewed, at chicago’s newest intelly. also: nate the finger tries to share.

if, say, you were a quality espresso heavyweight, one of the few nicely profitable trinitarian-wave companies with the ability to snap heads around and effect the sort of mass consumer evangelization that would take isolationist nerds like this blog lifetimes to achieve … if this were your implicit mission, say, and you were accustomed to paying top-tier prices for some of the best green coffees available … if you were, in short, the coffee mecca of the midwest and a serial banner-holder for quality espresso exposure nationwide and you purchased a groundbreaking, $9,000 brewing device, one that could “save single origin coffee,” that’s been called “the best way to … prepare high quality brewed coffee in a retail environment,” that was the buzz-generator at this year’s specialty coffee bash, that has the ability to profoundly tweak the on-demand manic-consumer nerve native to every american …

… if all this were yours, let’s say, where would you place this device in your shop?

that’s the kernel of this blog’s quibble with intelly, where, last week, i entered the gleaming new randolph street location with a posse of middling coffee lovers already stoked with expectations on the basis of my clover-preaching — and found that one could not see the machine from the counter, could not watch the seductively simple vacuum/press brew process, could not observe the selection, grind and exacting extraction of your on-demand bean selection.

that’s all, really. nothing terrible or overtly antagonistic here. just a simple thought that, if i were going to introduce the unenlightened to joe-strength coffee such as they’ve never before tasted, i’d have that sucker purring in a prominent nook, with a clover-versed salesman grinding and squeegeeing and inviting customers to take a whiff. in short, i’d put the coffee on display. as it was, there was a small placard that, i suspect, meant nothing to the average ingester: “clover brew bar.” i stood on tiptoes and tried to point out the mechanics to a vitally curious member of the entourage. but, alas, she couldn’t see.

in fairness, this blog should note that the la marzoccos sported spiffy orange side panels!

UPDATE: this blog ain’t the only one to wander into the millenium park location and wonder, “huh?”