our lady of esmeralda: exerting hemispheric pull

June 25, 2006 – 1:06 am

forget trips across the lake — this blog’s chicago-bound brother tells me he may eschew the lake altogether (and intelly’s sizeable markup on sister esmeralda) for a brief, eight-hour highway jaunt for the sole purpose of partaking in the lusty array of panamanian coffees on which this blog has rashly spent an entire year’s prosciutto budget.

which hearkens to a central philosophical dilemma: how to parlay such sublimity into maximum evangelistic effect? this blog has no desire to consume all three beauteous pounds by itself, though some mecca-proximal gurus might be so inclined. in the quality-devoid vacuum that is the southeast, landing hacienda la esmeralda is not unlike finding harvest-fresh truffles under a bed of pinto beans — either that, or casting pearls before swine!

if we report subpar garden beet aromatics, you’ll know which one it is. regardless, this blog’s ideas have included a joint cupping and as-espresso session. perhaps more than one. live-blogged, maybe. and taped for posterity, or a music video result. fellow junkies, those willing to make the trek and the unenlightened casual drinker should be involved.

or perhaps we should do it as a birthday bash for the blog-daughter. she would thank me later