smackdowney advancements

July 4, 2006 – 10:52 am

hard to imagine, really, but nate the finger has voluntarily forfeited his spot amongst the south-bound chicago junkies journeying to partake of our free array of panamanian sublimitysomething about mumble-mumble, something “due date” something.

which leaves us hosting the nate-less smackdowne de panama in two installments. one on saturday, consisting of bunn-dependent coworkers heretofore only vaguely aware of the Hobby that Ate My Life. the intent is to execute a cupping (“sounds like a hazing ritual,” one said) using but one cup per coffee, of course. to conserve the precioussss. then we pull as ‘spro, maybe even trying an esmeralda-based sig involving texan guajillo honey, lemon juice and heavy cream — in a shaker!


if the esmeralda is conserved properly, the second installment will follow a week later. the brother, the bioluminescent cypriot and the similarly afflicted will surely be involved. participants, one would hope, will remember not to smoke stogies the evening before.

this spread-the-jasmine approach, some would say, borders on sacrilegious. i beg to differ. the rare varietal and heady price tag notwithstanding, this be about the brew — sort of an evangelization method that eschews the cafe model while more selectively involving people with a high potential for appreciation. i struggle to think of a better use for the panamian triplets than to show unenlightened coffee lovers how good it can be. why not? “they won’t know the difference,” you argue. “use some $5 harar with some crazy-nuts blueberry notes.” but if the jasmine aromas and clean fruit notes are as stellar as people say, even a brick-tongue will be able to detect the excellence. though “chocolate/berry stir stick” and “bergamot” might be a bit of a stretch.

’nuff said. live-blogging is being contemplated.