the story of this blog’s life: reduction by sibling

July 17, 2006 – 10:43 pm

as if to jar us loose from mesmeralda snobbery, this blog’s africa-bound brother cruelly unleashes this photographic evidence of a bush-dweller’s ‘gourmet’ coffee habit:

it’s not common that one sees this exotic level of pukery, so let us help identify the wares. at top, there’s nido, a sort of third-world powdered milk. there are your plasti-clipped cameroonian grounds. off-brand nutella. a stainless milk-frothing plunger. and a heavily used stovetop belching pot, complete with makshift handle and signs of basted tar around the base. all this blog can say is, nice welds!

further photographic (and we do mean graphic) torture from envious and spiteful family members here. now you know where the chicagoan brother got his ghetto roots.