shattering normalcy

July 21, 2006 – 12:48 am

ah, well, it happens: you bask in a seven-shot esmeralda breakfast only to sordidly devolve into experimental afternoon shottage of twice-roasted cypriotic poo. we’ve all done this, i’m sure. there is nothing, i say, like despoiling the floral morning mouthcoat with a bit of liquefied michelin tire. you might call it a staggering traversal of coffee’s palatial breadth. you might, of course, also be called “verbose” for saying such a thing.

it was a sort of microcosm of this blog’s meteoric daily life cycles, really. also: of the home junkie routine in general. nicky drank greens? well, this blog stumbled into the cypriot’s studio on the downside of ‘lady ez’ herself, only to find a prematurely ejected batch of middling yirgacheffe that had been reintroduced to the roaster and thrashed around some more, like a double-loogie spitting suspect in singapore. not one to circumnavigate a CI first, this blog soldiered into a slurp of the refried beans. we could call the roast profile that produced this acid cleansing “the sawtooth”:

also because a short swill of the product feels like someone is hacking away with a crosscut at the little membrane under your tongue. ’twas a brutal descent. but then, could the final droplets of mesmeralda not swerve toward a brutal descent? this is like expressing disappointment that the stones concert wasn’t followed by dinner with mick. of course the CD isn’t going to sound the same, eh? why else did you shell out a c-note?

still, i’m ruined. just this evening i overheard the blogsister discussing a girls’ night out. and i got excited, assuming she had in mind an exclusive evening with esmeralda, bambito and carmen.