CI says: go to muddy waters

July 24, 2006 – 10:30 pm

best brew yet outta muddy waters, the gutsy charleston, sc, start-up joint (gutsy because it’s a beverage-focused place, with nary a sight of the profit-inflating flakes of charbuckian dough). the title “south carolina’s best” is increasingly deserved, though technically it earned the moniker upon opening its doors and tamping with concern. the competition, as it were, is rather unabashedly dependent on the ice-cream-and-liquor-as-marquee business model, which happens to prey nicely on staple-dependent deep-southerners.

we’ve frequented muddy on every recent beach trip, and the toscano gets sweeter every time. owner george packs a tight dose, and this blog did its meager best to assuage the july doldrums with a minor flurry of bloviating and drink orders. in the end, though, it may be the expansion of geeky triple-wavery that benefits. george and michele are due for a mountain respite, it would seem, and this blog has unwaveringly offered to pull back the curtain on obsessive home-junkie-ism! the e-mail’s to the right, george.

also, this blog, ah, profusely apologizes for the slurry of sand the proprietors might have discovered in the bathroom sink. was only preening for a peek into the grinder.