mesmeralda, columnized

July 25, 2006 – 7:37 pm

annnnnd, while we’re immortalizing the words of the bioluminescent cypriot, we might as well note that the genteel columnist whose desk location dooms her to constant exposure to this blog’s incessant coffee blathering attended last week’s esmeralda incantation — and found the accented one eminently quotable.

About 20 minutes into a roasting, Chorbadjian says, “You hear the beans start to crack. Then a 20-30 second pause, then a second cracking” that sounds “like little pencils breaking.”

somebody get that man a job in sales! only, this blog wants to know: we’ve been friendly for a long time, sarkis, and you’ve never said anything to us half that eloquent. what gives? grumble, sigh. at least he didn’t embarrass us.

they’re an unusual approach to describing geeky triple-wavery, these newspaper columns (there are two parts). heavy on the simple experiential descriptors, light on the insidery jargon. illustrative of how an outsider sees slurping and roast profiling and cultivar-ing. i think it works.

part one here.
part two here.

it should be noted that, although we are colleagues, i did nothing to influence jeanne’s decision to write about our indulgences. other than, you know, talk like an insipid burbling snob, day after day, without compunction or tact.