CI: stupidly undermining its paltry fan base!

August 12, 2006 – 6:03 pm

inquiring blogs want to know: would the now-ubiquitous hoffmann have listed this site among his “favorite blogs” in the latest issue of barista mag had we incited this week’s needless rhetorical row before it went to press?

UPDATE: how do we know he compiled the list before our ribbing? easy! hoffmann’s own url printed in the new issue is already outdated by weeks…

UPDATE: not only has hoffmann been the subject of a recent poke, but this blog has been known to tweak the magazine. this makes a confluence of kindness from CI arch-nemeses! to be clear, this blog is always open for a good co-opting…

UPDATE: when the washington post linked to this blog last month, the spike in traffic was surprisingly non-resilient. ’twill be interesting to see if the trade pub-generated hits will be any more residual in nature. if so, we will begin shamelessly groveling for exposure in the now-regular magazine feature on coffee blogs. “free pour,” it’s called. as in, “this is shaping up to be an attention-grabbing free-pour-all.”

UPDATE: which begs the question: which will be the more elusive status symbol of internet-based insider triple-waveists? regular mentions in barista mag’s blog round-up or a place among the glamorous coffeed think-tankers, where the rarified air has not one, but two layers — exclusive memberhip to the forum, then a special invite to the research group! this blog is still mulling its options.