belatedly defending the lady’s honor

August 25, 2006 – 11:30 am

a bit late, but: the besmirching of lady esmeralda drags on, with a supposed guru supposedly rating its floral explosion behind a musty sumatran. (hat tip, billy.) which reminds us of the supposed guru chef who recently paired single-origin coffees with food and wine courses, egregiously missing an opportunity to create something trulyrevolutionary” — by pairing the mesmeralda with every course!

this blog has already made its feelings known regarding the uncanny resemblence of ‘lady ez’ to street meth — both have the transcendant ability to morph into multi-functional constant companions! had mecca-proximal guru persons truly desired a revolution, they might have brewed the ‘ez’ with a different and compatible method for each elitist food course … a french press with the foie gras, a clover cup with the taleggio and an espresso shot with the chocolate mousse. then again, maybe such quantities would have been too expensive — even for revolutionaries. or maybe the barista on duty just wasn’t that good.