solemn huzzahs for notable nativities

August 26, 2006 – 1:35 pm

rumor has it that nate the finger — who has an uncanny ability to produce sublime-as-espresso single-origin roasts in a jerry-rigged, flea-market-purchased, lidless popcorn popper — has produced new offspring. hopefully the coffee-roasting sort. in celebration, we’ll post some of nate’s early stabs at silvia-enabled latte art. because, you know, it’s so much like a baby: out of proportion, oddly cute, profoundly diminutive and reddish. it’s also about as crisp and defined as one of those early-first-trimester ultrasound photos — printed on a dot matrix!

we’ll try to do this in a size and format roughly commensurate with its artistic value:

i know, i know: you don’t come here to watch me poke at friends you don’t know. still, it’s my blog.