coffee: the original

September 7, 2006 – 1:59 am

this blog having spent a sodden night swilling quishr…

heh. just wanted to be able to say that. street cred with the bioluminescent cypriot, you know. as it happens, the rumored dearth of “true” quishr recipes on the world-global innernecks is absolutely true. coffee luminaries throughout the epochs, of course, have said that middle easterners attempted a beverage made of coffee cherry flesh long before figuring out how to strip and discard the juicy stuff, sear the seeds, pulverize them to dust and slurp the brackish remainders. this blog suspects that the shah who thought of that was smoking yet another mystery stimulant.

anyway … all that yemeni trail-blazing, and all the world has to say is, “thanks, but i’ll just use my modern pre-ground poo.” humph! therefore, this blog makes this humble offering to the google robots after tedious minutes over the stove:

quishr recipe:
*grind with a blade grinder semi-dried coffee husks to make one tablespoon with the approximate coarseness of a drip grind.
*combine with half a cup of water, a tablespoon of sugar and 1.5 teaspoons of ground ginger in a small saucepan.
*bring to a boil and remove from heat just enough for the bubbles to disappear. return the pan to the heat and repeat three or four times until liquid grows thick and syrupy.
*pour through a strainer into one demitasse, using a spoon if necessary to press the liquid through the compote.
*drink hot.

quite frankly, we bet that our quishr is much better than the cypriot’s quishr AND your quishr. at least five times as quishr-esque! though we should tip our hat to the quishr-tipster himself who suggested this idea in the first place. we’re calling it “coffee: the original.”

experiential summary: heavy. like a ginger tea with an espresso’s bod. floral. a wee bit piquant. hugely enjoyable before bed. nasal passage-clearing. like a barbecue sauce made of dried apples and spices. enjoyed mine with a cinnamon banana slice.