myspace: like espresso pods for your blog!

September 13, 2006 – 10:33 pm

who knew the tattooed, usbc-finalist, spuma-master stumptownian billy wilson held to a reformed theological position? (see “heroes.”)

also: myspace, billy? MYSPACE?! what happened to artistic originality? a blank slate? an unfiltered look at a leading barista’s mind? shucks, mecca-proximal name-dropping? i want to know what billy wilson’s scace device has taught him about the hairbender, doggone it, not that “LaChelle” has a friend who babysits some kid of some dude who says he went to school with you “back in the day”!!!


wait, calexico? you were listening to calexico yesterday? did you see them with iron and wine, man? it SO rocked. like, serious introspective jam-folk. dude. chyyeah.