SERBC: Showing Dan Kehn how it’s done

September 24, 2006 – 2:50 pm

SERBC winners:

1. Nick Cho
2. Daryn Berlin
3. Lem Butler

UPDATE: we weren’t going to bother with the live-blogging … until a certain rival junkie started gloating that he was going to “beat me to the punch.” placed a call to friend jake, i did. let him hear the results over the telly. posted at least a full minute ahead of kehn. (update: dan swears we posted the same minute. by the time stamp, this appears to be true, though i personally swear that he was still typing when jake said, “posted.” this could be a computer clock issue. right? right? i mean, jake was on a mac, and macs are known for keeping vastly superior time!)

regardless, this blog hopes you know where to go for all your incrementally breaking regional espresso-related insider updates. meanwhile, we will be uploading video verbage with all the dispatch of a bedraggled road-tripping amateur on multiple cans of carbonated energy substance.

p.s. you can tell i did not type the heading to this post. it is capitalized. small harm, though, when one is in the process of pursuing seconds of advantage on these global interwebs.