competition backing: the economic analogy

September 27, 2006 – 10:36 pm

roughly on par with its usual logical pace, this blog just discovered what it REALLY meant to say about, you know, larded corporate zombies winning all the barista competitions. slog through all 72 76 77 80 88 89 comments, or go straight to the economic analogy!

this blog is calling it the disadvantage threshold

UPDATE: a non-pandering, low-cost, anti-welfare solution to the disadvantage threshold expounded here and elaborated upon here. it has the smell of possibility!

UPDATE: after a bit of chance surfing, it would appear that at least one thinker who has previously questioned the competitions’ effectiveness also sits on the wbc board. a connection i hadn’t made before. mightn’t an attractively simple yet potentially transformational idea like schulman’s (above) have some immediate sticking power? one can hope!