SERBC: the lost footage

September 27, 2006 – 1:07 am

through a miracle of digital retrieval this blog cannot begin to fathom, the cruelly lost video footage of this weekend’s serbc has been, er, “found.” the resulting public service almost moves this blog to tears. alas, you’ve read the performance notes — now live the finalist routines yourself in vivid, striking, quasi-techni-color! after viewing, we hope you’ll join this blog in recognizing the much-deserved barista supremacy of mr. nicholas cho.

(click for video. flash version here.)

laborious disclaimer: please. take this bit of absurdity as a mockery — if anything — of my own inability to deliver video as promised. my serious opinions on each routine are expressed in the previous post. in fact, if you haven’t read it, many of the references in this video won’t make any sense. i’ve nothing but respect for each of six strong finalists, and i’ve got no desire to hurt anyone’s feelings. meanwhile, you can blame jon, nick and james — it was their request. my fellow junkie jake deserves rich praise for helping me do this, slapdash, in a single evening. unless it makes you mad. then it’s all my fault.

UPDATE: woohoo! see this? that is the very reason this blog exists — to enable underdog barista persons to pursue rancor-free signature beverages. clearly, this blog is providing for free what others foolishly pay for — support! backing!