SERBC: slow-blogged scraps

October 2, 2006 – 12:18 am

nagging serbc remainders, bulleted for easy culling.

* exhaustive coffee innerneck trollers already know that this blog’s primary spro-progenitor is profoundly brokennot unlike a barista competition! no, wait. the comparison applies to the other machine, the antiquated levered wonder that requires a painstaking amount of wiping, bleeding and pressure-managing to produce out-of-sight blueberry with the harar green stripe, but is worth every one of its quirky demands. sitting in front of a toasty window, slurping an italian mini-shot, reading ben bradlee’s tome on war in the south pacific and munching apple pie, this blog is reminded that we do, indeed, have warm squishy thoughts in the immediate wake of barista competitions. thoughts like, “how could this blog cheaply procure a respectable blowtorch?” “should i smack the portafilter or thump like nick?” and, “that puppet raptor used to represent daryn berlin really was accidentally perfect, wasn’t it?”

* this blog is suddenly reminded where we last experienced the nick-described uber-bright cherry in an espresso — it was yet another el salvador from yet another competitor — that also offered scant crema. only in my case, i’d misroasted it. frankly, we’re becoming fetishists for clean espressos with bewitching, then vanishing, characteristics and now know that this tends to require a low-oil coffee, meaning less crema. the hunt is on!

two southeast competitors from opposite ends of the finishing list have helpfully elaborated on these traits — using el salvadors — in the comments.

* we’re inexplicably partial to outrageously self-deprecating coffee blogs — particularly those peddling obscure espresso tangents and impenetrable turns of phrase! there’s nothing quite like blogging for yourself. here are two that fit the bill … relative newcomers and a welcome dose of anachronistic insanity (extra credit for those who can explain a chupacabra without using google). one of them has promised to finish at least third in next year’s regionals.