globule sighting

October 23, 2006 – 10:09 pm

catching a glimpse of billy’s espresso pearls caviar, it turns out, is not unlike waiting for the mists to align in the form of an ardently sought female religious figure. trust us — we’ve flogged the global interwebs on your behalf. what with the difficulty of an actual sighting, then, we are kow-towing in this general direction. it’s like a maddening, ethereal, photographic peep!

which means, of course, it could depict a plastic tray of rotting ligonberries for all we can tell. still, your alternative to actual pearl imagery would be to gaze upon this blog’s macro photos to the right-hand side and contemplate inserting your tongue. shucks, if this blog weren’t so prone to truth-telling, it might claim to be billy’s inspiration.

clearly, what we need is a pearl mail-order service.

UPDATE: “they’re not chunky at all.” that’s rules out decomposing ligonberries!

UPDATE: not only were these globules not chunky, they were “not tapioca.” now we’re getting somewhere!

UPDATE: sez billy:

Basically a polymer is formed as the sodium exchanges ions with the calcium. Whatever is mixed with the alginate is encased inside a thin skin.

is it just this blog, or are we talking in euphemisms here? still, it’s all becoming so clear we can practically imagine the tactile experience — a non-chunky, non-tapioca sodium-calcium ion exchange! why, we just had some of that for mid-afternoon tea.

UPDATE: is it just this blog, or, in this video, does billy mouth these words just after being named the champeen:

Those are pearls that were his eyes:
Nothing of him that doth fade
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange.

just askin’!

UPDATE: now you, too, can be just like billy wilson with your very own, competition-tested syringe-powered caviar-maker! NWRBC trophy not included… (this actually explains a lot in the previously noted photo series.)