blog self-flogging

October 24, 2006 – 8:17 pm

six months ago, this blog first heard about jon lewis, the idahoan u.s barista championship finalist with a flair for thoughtful oratory and a bewitching euro subtlety in espresso beverages. and then, in a fit of unoriginal repetition, this blog called him “overwrought” at least twice. it was a function of what stood out most in his routine, frankly, and not a reflection of the barista, his range and his mastery. how could it have been? which is the problem, in general, with veering erratically between snark and earnesty on a hack-constructed site such as this.

consider this the mea culpa, then. because, vastly apart from the “i have a dream” speech at the nationals, jon has nailed it with this year’s competition “thesis,” a succinct summary of what this blog has sporadically advocated as counter-establishment coffee centrism.

go read it. really. because we’ve already churned way too many words on what is more eloquently expressed by the perfervid poet himself.

jon: this blog is an appreciator.