NWRBC: your cat-like, caviar-slinging barista action here

October 25, 2006 – 12:01 am

let this be a lesson to you: waspish blog-moaning pays off!

herewith, we offer video of billy wilson’s entire final-round routine from the northwest regional barista championships. yeah, there’s caviar involved. and yeah, it’s bedazzling. and yeah, he appears to spend more time wrasslin’ with his tablecloth than he does pulling spros. some vigorous dude-n-tablecloth motion, we’d say. talk about dancing with the stars…

quicktime version here.
note: might have to let the entire video load before viewing — or download the file to your machine. problems? leave a comment.

flash version here.
note: this one streams. requires flash player 8.

special thanks: ben king, who did the shooting and compressing. and billy, for hooking us up. this concludes this blog’s quasi-weekly, bandwidth-gobbling, barista-related public service.

UPDATE: no sooner does a guy push the crazy envelope than some other guy starts going all nutso on the drink ideas. clearly, billy better watch his back.

UPDATE: does it seem to you like this guy might be talking some smack about billy wilson? yeah. it seems that way to this blog, too.