bloggy swoons

November 13, 2006 – 8:51 pm

reason for pause: the reincarnation of the heartily cupped, mainstream media appreciated, tome-inducing, stellar-as-espresso mesmeralda — now only the price of a cheap cigar!

indeed, we’re stunned there’s still some left, particularly given the touching photo of this season’s last beleaguered bag. quite selfishly, this blog delayed its own public displays of glee until no fewer than half a dozen junkies in our town snapped up a pound each.

call us indiscriminate groupies, but … we’re holding candlelight vigils pending the visible advent of our ladye.

face-saving addendum: this blog will only serve as the community roaster, not the actual consumer, of said greenville shipments. anything we can do to energize the populace outside of establishment constraints!