CI eschews meaty content for e-mailed filler!

November 17, 2006 – 10:24 am

nothing like mindless idle diversions from the eternal fount of inanity that is the bioluminescent cypriot:

find the man hidden in the coffee beans — within three seconds!

if you did it in three seconds or less … you are assuredly hyper-developed in the right brain. if it took up to a minute … congratulations. you’re boringly normal. if it took longer … well, the right brain is sort of ristretto-like — what little there is, is slow to develop! the left brain is your mother.

supposedly, it’s an actual test — which makes this a mercifully brief installment of this blog’s quasi-regular public service tradition.

UPDATE: the assuredly brilliant blogwife finds it an excellent test! yes, this blog scored in fewer than three seconds — intimating a ravenous analytical right-brainedness that exposes all our insecurities about artistry. the blogwife, on the other hand, took longer, she being of a highly developed, left-brained, artistic sensibility.

the genius of it, she says, is this: the phrasing of the question is such that an artist type would immediately look for a larger image of a man’s face made up of coffee beans. this is partly because the single burnt bean just left of the upper center is perfectly situated to be the focal point of such an image.

an analytical chump like this blog, meanwhile, immediately scans the photo for anything unusual, processing sundry bits of random information as quickly as possible. this leads rapidly to the discovery of an actual forehead, nose and eye in lower part of the photo. added intrigue: there are several languages we can think of in which the phrasing of the question wouldn’t work.

question is, which side of the brain makes for a superior barista? this blog reports, you decide. extra credit: guess the origin of that poo.