it’s not ‘trombone case’ — it’s worse!

December 4, 2006 – 8:21 pm

a favorite wordsmith of this blog — we like ‘em windy! — channels CI channeling sensory descriptor demigod chandler burr! comes now james lileks, on one of those pandering, muddlesome wines:

Starts sweet and ends dry, and while it’s suitable, the bouquet might be described as Mummy’s Underwear. It was better than the South African brand proffered; I swear you can taste the burning tires. It had a toady top note and finished not just with one note but a dozen, all taken from a 12-tone row by Schoenberg.

get that man some single origin and a note pad. lend a sniff, say, in this general direction.

UPDATE: to “stale trombone case” and “mummy’s underwear” add “a king-size bed with the sheets removed“! (hat tip, dwell time.) gratuitous cheap shot: our burgeoning stable of beverage descriptors is starting to sound like a hearty sumatra.