valuables, proffered to jackals

January 3, 2007 – 4:20 pm

this town’s absurdly vain permutation of an apple-friendly computer establishment enfolded this blog’s moribund flat-panel screen into its murky bowels nearly a month ago. a week for the diagnosis (“inverter, sir!”), more than two weeks for the repair (“it’s on order, sir!”) and a mere two minutes to tell me it was all for naught (“oops, sir!”).

to which this blog said: “that’s a lot of long lunches.”

it’s not unlike the travails of strident coffee snobbery, really — something you love causes something you hate to profane something you love. like when, on a two-day jaunt to hilton head island, you consort with the mermaid to stave off the no-coffee headache, only to discover that her beverages generate more post-swill rue and loathing than ever! hmmmm. withdrawl pains or a seared latte, a little throbbing in the optic nerve or the pharyngeal taste receptors?

*sigh* the problem with good taste is that the rest of the world looks bleaker all the time. which is to say, regular snark-blogging is still a distant pipe dream.