blearing metropolis

January 16, 2007 – 1:53 pm

no, the blog-brother’s point-n-shoot isn’t really this lousy … we blurred the pics on purpose! to recreate for you the helter-skelter frenzy that is the gritty metropolis! because, you know, the urban morning ‘spro orgy totally turned us into slobbering fanboys. consider the montage this blog’s public service installment du jour.

tattoos! the gleaming mirage! a beanie!

those funky hatters are WITTY. the sodden placard reads: “DRINK PIRATES: if ye (something) a drink that not be yours, to the gallows ye shall be sent. ye be warned.”

the usual! with foam! WHITE foam!

*sigh* the faux exuberance, it weareth thin. this is a shot. on the mirage, pulled naked, just before full extraction.