scraping the ground(s)

January 24, 2007 – 7:36 pm

the most striking detail in the denver westword’s 6,000-word narcotic-and-whiskey-laced tome on the hunt for the original gesha coffee plant:

They are cruising down a road paved with coffee. Beneath their wheels, dried coffee cherries are strewn across the asphalt. It’s a grassroots, four-wheeled de-husking operation, they realize, the road-killed remains roasted and sold by locals to drowsy drivers.

but the piece’s swashbuckling studmuffin — trendy novo’s joseph brodsky — won’t touch the swill. why not?

ah, yes: he’s helping establish 90+ coffee, “an internationally based business collaboration to find, refine and market the very best coffees in ethiopia.” little time for the native brew! at least this blog knows a guy who lives in a condo above a novo in denver … we’ll work on a hook-up.

UPDATE: but wait … brodsky has just written that he can try the local methods — and the results surprise him.