alterra, the lost pics

January 28, 2007 – 11:38 pm

when people say those alterra kids “make everything more fun,” what they really mean is, “they take dumb stuff, and use it to great effect.” herewith our own, personally culled examples:

vacant lakeside pump house = hulk d’ alterra

antiquated industrial rafters = sprawling intimate balconage

nature’s hardwoods = trendy roughcut barstools

barren wisconsin wasteland = (seasonal) patio sipping

standard fedex roughpak = zesty informative menu board

third-world agricultural harvest = hard-kickin’ pudding-like mouth party

coincidentally, this blog just happened to be scrolling though its monthly credit card statement when it happened across this blearly recollection of a binge d’alterra:

someone put ‘em on espressomap already.