wanted: a table and 15 amps

February 9, 2007 – 12:07 am

the entremanurial blogbrother, armed with little more than a mazzer major and a vetrano, has apparently scored with a couple chicago catering services — dare we say the name ‘hilton’? — who have offered to promote his mobile espresso gig as an option for their clients.

and poof. just like that, you’re using home equipment you’d have bought for yourself anyway with a minor investment in paper cups and an ice chest to sling premium spro to the brick-tongued masses by way of highly profitable weekend bat mitzvahs and wedding conventions (this is not his primary occupation).

his, ah, occasional lapses in basic machine hygeine notwithstanding, this bodes well for establishment shunnery. next trip north, this blog is getting its brother to pay the freight — for our consulting services! there now appears to be an actual web site for the business. but please, bro. enough with the stock photography. that main art looks like a mug of asbestos nestled in shellacked goat pellets.

UPDATE: a close look at the rate schedule appears to indicate the easy possibility of funding a new gs3 with a mere smattering of weekend gigs. what? why else would you do this?

UPDATE: good as this blog believes its spro to be, it hasn’t yet induced its ‘friends’ to spout quite this level of robotic adulation!