CI flirts with the poverty line, takes it out on espresso luminaries

March 1, 2007 – 2:59 pm

still more ominous signs of “middle americans getting squeezed” — this time a resurgence in popularity for once-abandoned burger joints, at the expense of $12-meal-and-a-vibe establishments. which leaves $5 coffee …. where, exactly?

this blog has a fulfilling lower-middle-class job, yet we’ve recently been forced to cut magazine subscriptions, beach trips — maybe even trendy eucalyptus-based hygiene products! which begs the uncomfortably vital — also vitally uncomfortable — question: if this blog weren’t neurotically addicted (and irreversibly vested), would we put espresso drinks on the chopping block along with dinner at applebee’s?

pause, reread graf. gulp. repeat. raises the stakes a bit when you read that this year’s specialty coffee bash might be putting “zero focus on the consumer public,” eh? rue and loathing come to mind, along with questions like, ‘are we talking ourselves to death?’ does barista worship and establishment triple-waveism in all its resplendent, echo-chambery, seed-to-cup moralism* completely bypass, you know, reality? the customer? the pinched masses?

to be clear: this blog has no idea. just askin’! (UPDATE: well, ok.)

* — obviously, this blog must grapple on its own with the typically compromised, love-hate, parasitic relationship most home junkies have with establishment triple-waveism. without it, we’d still be heaping cane sugar granules in the portafilter!

UPDATE: come to think of it, prince’s screed appears to be the first obvious example of an amateur with establishment credentials voluntarily cashing them in … and the detox regimen appears to include a significant reduction in forum activity. qui tacet consentit!