ketchup week: we were doing without blogging!

April 25, 2007 – 10:52 pm

while we were talking about bubble bath and spooky ways that google connects us, what we were doing was, well …

slurping loudly of no fewer than six origin gems in a very public place, where, as is the cypriot’s wont, the descriptors “tomato vine” and “pickled eggplant” were recklessly used. chandler burr he ain’t!

sinking, in a thrashing, fruitlessly stubborn way, into an ever deeper love/hate toke upon/spew out inspirational/depressive relationship with barista magazine.

meandering, portafilter podcast-like, through the vagaries of obscenely loooong air roasting profiles … and how they interact with severe downdosing, the weather outside and other coffee enthusiasts.

marvelling that, despite the vapid proliferation of horrifically commoditized burnt-swill cafes in this neck of the woods, involvement in an actual establishment of merit might be (deep breath) quickly becoming possible.

ramming stiff brushes through a catheter tube.

all of which calls for a sort of ketchup week. hereafter, incremental throwback-bloggage … days late and slowly stewed for more delectable consumption!