ketchup week: murky tales from our correspondents

April 27, 2007 – 11:45 am

word reaches this blog that ryan goodrow, he of the fondling tamper motions and puppet show co-starring role, was at his resplendent, meticulous best one recent weekday evening.

it was the cypriot and bursch-head, actually, in d.c. for a trade convention involving the cutesy finial things they do, and admirably determined to hoof the distance to murky coffee. the gravelly voiced bearded one, it turns out, was waving his arms and dumping shots on his way to sweet, eye-opening macchiato rounds described to this blog in painstaking, verbally florid terms as “gahood.” (both of these guys, it should be noted, are no strangers to the toscano in use … just goodrow’s toscano, apparently).

which sort of conjures a tonx-like paradigm of experienced coffee palates unearthing again the magic that only a competition-tested barista can bring.

did this blog just say that?