May 22, 2007 – 8:58 pm

what does one do with a neighbor who receives an obviously perishable coffee shipment meant for the person around the corner, but, instead of forwarding the cargo, scrawls “RETURN TO SENDER” on the label? with a monster sharpie? that looks like blood? dried blood? dried blood and espresso? or was that poisoned espresso?

the blogwife, thankfully, was taking a walk in the environs. and, snooping through the neighbor’s larger mail items as she often does, discovered the defaced preciousssss. it is, we can report, now safely in hand and still just four days out of the roaster. please join this blog in a hearty “whoa, sparky.”

contained therein: the rediscovered code brown espresso — possibly our ticket to renewed popularity among the slurring high-school types who, for reasons unknown to this blog, have talked their parents into paying handsomely for a dedicated barista at a looming graduation party.

let us be clear about this. we have a spro-crazy blog (me). we have an isomac tea (tay-AH, people). and we have 150 persons highly likely to want some brew. this event, we think, should not lack for all-natural rushes of adrenaline. also, dopamine. also, holy frantic schnaikesamine.

we’re hoping our third-wave platinum triple-embossed espresso evangelism merit badge arrives in the mail before the actual gig, though. because, well, these teen-parents had a monster deal on some passable local spro. and what did this blog do? it offered to waive its fee if they’d spend big on the stellar stuff. yes, well. we were high on roughly 27 straight doubles when we made the offer. but still — it’s all about the coffee, eh? and “the stellar stuff,” in this case, is now likely to be the terra-choco-berry code brown, known for its ethereal presence in milk.

at least, that’s what we’re thinking right now, fresh on the heels of 27 straight doubles