another dance for lady ez

May 29, 2007 – 7:33 pm

the lusty panama esmeralda, subject of so much swooning CI verbage, hath scored a fresh date with a seven-company coffee consortium that has purchased the 2007 auction crop for (deep breath, double-check the numbers) $130 a poundgreen. from the farm. or, if you prefer, $65,000 for 10 bags of the angular gesha stuff.

as usual, contrarians are questioning her worth. which is sort of tantamount to saying, “it’s all about the coffee — but not if you’d pay more than i would!

free market arguments aside, this blog finds the unthinkable price tag both inspiring — people want a holy grail — and bittersweet … because it means that we’re unlikely to ever again ingest of her honeysuckle wonders or catch a fountain of mesmeralda emanating from our portafilter