cfest iv: jiggling

June 3, 2007 – 5:19 pm

the one on the right: worth the price of a new corolla.

you, too, would hit the deck if you’d just landed a tuition-lifting $21,000 (not a typo) for properly creating a frothy milkbath and tipping it into some spro.

and so there was layla osberg of blenz, pourer of one stellar, symmetrical, balanced, brown-n-white heart-in-a-cage, prone on the stain-resistant convention center carpet, having won not just the official $1,000 as atlanta’s latte art champeen but as the snarer of her boss’s promised $20,000 bonus if she came away with it.

to recap: there was a finalist from tokyo — 13 times zones away — just to pour some art. there was the rolling alterra juggernaut of effervescent pain. there was matt m., the guy who teaches this stuff, and luis, from that bastion of canadian drink art artigiano. and there was daynjah dan, winner of the slosh-art smackdown the evening before.

frankly, we thought layla’s heart would be considered too simple, though this blog knows little about such advanced fineries. justin teisl’s four-way rosettas, the luis tulip and the colin whitcomb baca pour were all non-rosetta head-turners from where we sat. still, it was a dead-center, eye-pleasing, rock-solid heart on angel wings and a gilt frame. she tipped the cup and took a swill, right after that pour. we suspect it smelled as good as it tasted compared to the look of the pour in our ear. or whatever.

don’t blame dan .. he was still feeling out his $157 from the night before.

teisl’s four-way … a daring attempt (center), but not a podium finisher.

imagine with this blog a world in which a baca wreath (by colin, center) doesn’t make the top three.

a third-place rosetta-on-heart milletto pour (left).

the luis tu-lip (right). in second place.

UPDATE: hard to believe, i know. but people are twisted into knots over layla’s winning purse.

UPDATE: details dribble out about the finals judging. a mere 14 points, apparently, between first and tenth place … and a focus by judges on “color infusion” and “highly crisp definition.” which is, of course, the way it should be. this blog will have none of those poorly infused, limp and flaccid latter art winners.