hoffmann watch, day six

June 8, 2007 – 1:55 am

as the world awaits hoffmann’s next move (ok, ok … maybe just this blog and mikep), the man himself offers a post titled “just to explain” — and then conspicuously doesn’t!

that’s not exactly a move to shoot down the global domination theories. which leaves us pleeeennty of room for wild, hyperventilating speculation.

hmmmm. so far, the mysterious west-coast coffee jaunt has involved a muscular, fleshy ham the dimensions of a prehistoric billy club, some prominently praised shots of black cat espresso, a trailing camera crew and a strange reference by james himself to “feeling flush.” and yet, we know that he ain’t exactly going yank.

the obvious bet: he’s planning a lavish london espresso charcuterie! if those counter culture scions can cup a pig, hoffmann can butcher it, foam its inner juices and wow the world with a meat-n-three signature beverage — broadcast live on tv. he could topple gordon ramsey, and with unfailing politesse!