ways people enshrine their brew

June 13, 2007 – 12:36 am

it’s at times like these, frankly, that this blog has trouble striking the right tone (there’s a tone to this blog? you ask) — or rather, avoiding the complete alienation of those readers (both of them) for whom good brew is simply a beverage, desireable, appreciated and on aesthetic par with filet au poivre.

it’s times like these when this blog simultaneously has trouble keeping its face straight and not going completely fanboy hang-jaw over the notion of, well,

examining ground coffee particles
coated in gold
under an electron microscope
at a cost of $200 per hour

this IS, of course, an important piece of the advancing body of grinder knowledge relative to conical versus flat burrs and the resulting populations of fines contributing to puck-build dynamics affecting extraction ratios and times, not to mention development patterns, all of which may well eventually earn commercial notice, some r&d, and ultimately a more keenly tuned product that disallows such colossal design blunders as are known to … ahhhh, never mind.

it simply must be seen to be believed. coincidentally, there happens to be a very lucid explanation floating about as to what drives people to do these things. hint: omputer-cay eeks-gay!